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GTM SEO Implementation Tool

SEOintern is a SEO Implementation tool developed by Stella Rising. This tool is designed to take an excel file of all of your basic on-page optimizations, and implement them in seconds through GTM. The use case for this tool is when developers simply cannot implement your recommendations due to time or CMS limitations. This tool can save you hundreds of hours per year if you choose to use it as your primary methodology for implementation, or just save your butt when you can’t get your recommendations implemented.


  • Google Tag Manager Container
  • SEOintern Excel Template
  • No double quotes (“) in optimizations


Select columns that contain data:

Google may ignore GTM canonicals, please read FAQ




If you DO NOT have Google Tag Manager

Add Google Tag Manager container to your site within the head of every page.

If you have Google Analytics on your site and are using traditional on-click events… do NOT migrate your Google Analytics tag into GTM, this will break all hard coded on click events. You can run GTM independently of your GA pixel on the site.

See this document for GTM installation

Implement the Container Tag This Tool Generates

Step 1) Go to Admin
Step 2) Select “Import Container”.
Step 3) Select file to import: Upload the SEOintern GTM Container json file this tool outputs in the container section.
Step 4) Choose workspace: Click “Existing” workspace then choose your existing workspace.
Step 5) Choose an import option: Click MERGE. If you select overwrite all previous tags within your Google Tag Manager will be deleted.
Step 6) Select “Rename conflicting tags, triggers, and variables.” If you have uploaded multiple instances of SEOintern, overwriting files will delete your original optimizations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I delete empty columns in the template if I’m not optimizing for them?

No! The tool is reliant on the template’s format and column order. You may create your own sheet, but it must be the same column order and format as the template.


  • I’ve already uploaded a SEOintern Google Tag Manager container, how do I add more optimizations?

    There are 2 options for adding an additional SEOintern Container depending on your usecase:

    1. I want to get rid of all optimizations and start over: Delete previously uploaded tags/variables before uploading your new SEOintern container, navigate to the “SEOintern Optimizations” folder and delete all tags/variables located within this folder.
    2. I want to add more optimizations and keep my existing: Select “Rename conflicting tags, triggers, and variables.” They will have “_import_#” added to the end, this renaming will not affect any optimizations and will work as intended.
  • Will Google crawl and honor my SEOintern inserted canonical?

Probably not. According to Moz (Sept, 2016) and this GTM case study (Dec, 2017) Google will acknowledge the GTM javascript inserted canonical. But during the Google I/O ’18 session about JavaScript powered websites (May, 2018) they refuted this claim stating explicitly that the Google crawler will not look for the canonical element in the DOM.