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NYC SEO Consultant John Morabito

NYC based SEO consultant John Morabito as been consulting everyone from leading brands to small businesses for the better part of a decade. His dedication and passion for SEO has earned him nominations from Search Engine Land, The Drum Search Awards, and the US Search Awards. In 2018 his team won “Best SEO Team” from the Search Engine Land Awards.

Things to Know About Hiring an SEO Consultant

When choosing an SEO consultant it is important to consider how they do their work, and whether or not that work will put you at risk with Google. Google has a number of rules and terms of service that if you violate, you can get kicked out. This means that hiring the wrong SEO consultant can cost you more than just their retainer. It can cost you your¬†entire livelihood. At Winston Digital Marketing the strategies we use don’t present any risk¬†and stay in accordance with Google’s best practices.